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The Studio by the sea.

Like us, our studio is warm and welcoming.
We are always open for live person-to-person chats or virtual video meetings with our clients so we can both really get a feel for honest communication right from the off – no matter where you are based in the world. The studio is our heart and our hub and it’s where the Soul Rebel creative process begins.

We can chat through everything your brand needs so we can discover and deliver the perfect story to tell your clients. We know, they are not simply visuals, they are experiences bringing you closer to the public and enhancing your connections, Soul Rebel always has an eye on innovation, freshness and meaningful design.

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Brand Identity.

With so many brands out there all vying for customers’ attention, how can we make yours stand out from the rest? By being sincere, personal and engaging. 

People like people, not things. If your brand is relatable, familiar and inspiring, it will create an impact that resonates. Soul Rebel can highlight your brand’s incredible work, helping to tell your story visually, matching your efforts to create conscious products and services of a soulful nature developing a voice that is familiar and knowledgeable to your client base.


Packaging Design

Packaging, when executed correctly, does the work for you; it is free promotion that goes everywhere your clients go. 

Soul Rebel always uses environmentally friendly materials alongside original design concepts, this conveys the feeling to customers that you are a brand who cares not only about your brand image, but about creating a positive environmental and social impact too. Your brand’s packing is a key element to invest in. It will come back multiplied, creating tangible benefits and shared value for the planet and your customers.



Your website is the main component of your brand’s identity, it is after all, your virtual shop front window.

A truly great, engaging website should be easy to understand for users, well designed and functional with great images but still optimized for mobile, featuring clear calls to action throughout and have fresh, high quality content. Uhm, sounds like a lot of work, right?

Don’t worry about the work that’s involved, let Soul Rebel take care of it all. We have been designing and writing quality personalised content for websites for more than 10 years, so sit back and trust us to deliver your message clearly and effectively.